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In my fantasy world, I am:

  • A slave, used completely, repeatedly and continuously until the day I die.
  • Used in vile, filthy ways that could only lead to my eventual demise.
  • A target of erotic violence. Hunted down like some wild animal.
  • Caught, fucked and swallowed by hideous monsters and aliens.
  • And so much more.


If you are ready to be witness to this pandemonium that exists in my head; if you are ready to look at the images that I am feverishly attempting to record in digital artwork before something untimely really does happen to me, then you need to join my member's gallery immediately!

For a nominal monthly fee, you get access to two special places that contain all of my artwork. One username and password will get you into both sites.

For previews of artwork at either site, please click on the images below.

The Erotic Illusions site contains most of my artwork, totalling well over 250 pieces.

The Cybrotica site contains some of my more extreme artwork, dealing with subject matter that many people wouldn't approve of (so fuck 'em). There are over 90 pieces of artwork on this site, but some of those are also at Erotic Illusions.

In case you are wondering about the total amount of artwork I have, I can't tell you exactly because it is always changing. I usually do one or two new pieces every week, but sometimes I take a week off to get inspired. This work is really a labor of lust for me - when I'm doing a piece I usually have one hand on the paper and the other in my panties. And because I'm a horny slut, you know I'll never be too far away from the art board.

To see when I update, please click here and look for 'Garden of Anxiety'.

To join by credit card, please click on the button below. For other options, please follow the 'Other Options' link to my Erotic Illusions site, and find your favorite option near the bottom of the page.



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