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About me

These erotic fantasies have been with me a long time and continue to develop as I illustrate them. This is like therapy for me, and you are invited to come watch. We can cum together.

Sex, fucked like a whore

I'm equally attracted to both sexes. Well, actually I tend to enjoy women more. That's why you'll see mostly women in the dominant role in my fantasies. I like thick, hard, pulsing cocks and dripping wet pussies. I'm very oral - I'll put anything in my mouth. Fucked by men, screwed by women, drilled by tentacled creatures, and probed by aliens too. I want to fuck 'em all.

Slavery, bondage, punishment

I am submissive. I belong on the end of a tight leash. I'm owned by men and women who love to punish me. I love to be tied up, especially when my arms are tied bent backwards. I fantasize about being a permanent slave. Sold at auction into a life of servitude. Someone's pet slave girl. I'm really worth something in my prime, but then I'm cheaper than dirt after a few years.

Farm Fetish, the human milk cow

Ever since I grew breasts, I can remember fantasizing about being kept as a cow on a special farm where girls are milked, fucked, and slaughtered just like our bovine cousins. Commercial milk machines suck my tits until I no longer can give. Visits from the veterinarian, graded for quality. Enormously hung bulls fuck me sore until I'm pregnant with a calf. And eventually dragged off to the slaughterhouse to find a place in an icy cold meat locker. It's a cruel, tasteless existence. I love it.

Hunted like a wild animal

Forced to participate in cruel, sadistic games. The masters have all the fun while I run for my life. I'm hunted down like a wild animal. They use bow and arrow, guns, and sometimes they finish me off with their knives. The conquering heros and heroines feast on my carcass. My pretty face usually ends up in the triumphant hunter's trophy case, forever preserved for their cruel, gloating pleasure.

Abductions, alien experiments

Taken to the mothership, raped by their hot probing devices. Poked and pawed. Subject of their cruel experiments. They study me like a lab rat caught in a maze.

Monsters, swallowed and eaten

Snakes, spiders, and tentacled beasts. Bizarre creatures that shouldn't exist, but somehow have managed to find me. I'm swallowed whole, chewed and eaten, or just plain fucked by these monsters.

Peril, facing a certain erotic demise

Falling from great heights, drowning under water, suffocated in quicksand. Shark attacks, kidnapped and tortured, facing certain death at the hands of evil people. Face to face with an unrelenting buzzsaw. It's all quite arousing for me.

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